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The University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest is committed to attract talented vet students from all around the world. We are traditionally in the forefront of education, providing world-class education and a lifelong career.

"Being a vet student is challenging, but the students at the university really help each other. After being here four years now, it's like having a huge family. It's always good being a student, but being a student here is particularly nice."

Cecile Jestin, France

"I really love to be here at this university thanks to the student community. We are always helping and encouraging each other because here everyone goal is to get closer to his dream to be a veterinarian."

Rebeka Talabér, Hungary

"Budapest is really good for medical studies and they've had a lot of people who have won Nobel-prizes in medicine."

Joganah Anesha, Mauritius

"I knew from my early age that I want to work with animals. This university through my studies gives me the opportunity to combine my hobby with a real profession."

Bernd Schulze, Germany

"I wanna become a veterinarian because I think it's an amazing profession since we are able to help the creatures that are not able to ask for help. That's why I chose the profession and I thought Budapest would be the perfect option for me."

Egyed Petra, Sweden

"I am very satisfied with the education. I've had loads of teachers to actually sit down with me after office hours and helped me grasp the topics and that is really how you keep students here."

Emma Petterson, Sweden

"Everyone who studies at this university can get a tremendous knowledge. Everyday is a new inspiration."

Tóth Csaba, Hungary

"I am satisfied with the education, I think it is a good balance between practicals and the lectures."

Amandine Kempeners, France

"Theachers are really kind. I think you can ask them about everything if you have any problems. They are always eager to help you. That's the difference. And during classes they're always trying to explain you everything in a very understandable way."

Pawel Suliga, Poland

Fields of Career

  • Small and Large Animal Clinics
  • State Office of Veterinary Hygiene
  • Public Health
  • Farms
  • Zoo
  • Exotic animals
European accreditation American accreditation
Students from 50 countries Students from 50 countries
2.5 new facts in every minute 2.5 new facts in every minute
1800 contact hours with animals 1800 contact hours with animals
560 thousand facts per 5 and ½ year 560 thousand facts per 5 and ½ year
Living in Budapest

Study programme

  • The entire curriculum consists of more than 5000 hours, a curriculum standard for the European Community.
  • The program lasts 5.5 years devided into 11 semesters
  • Name of the degree: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Students can start working as doctors after finishing (no resident or internship programme).
  • The curriculum contains lectures, practicums, and field- or extramural practice. (Lectures are given for an entire term, practicums are held in a tutorial system with 8-15 students in a group.)
  • The curriculum is devided into a pre-clinical and a clinical-paraclinical period.


Application fee
200 EUR
Exam fee
250 EUR
Registration fee
220 EUR
Tuition fee
12,480 EUR /year
out of which a 800 EUR deposit is due 2 weeks after acceptance
Accomodation approximately
400-500 EUR /month


Stipendium Hungaricum

Thousands of students from all around the world apply for higher educational studies in Hungary each year. The programme is based on bilateral educational cooperation agreements signed between the Ministries responsible for education in the sending countries/territories and Hungary or between institutions. Currently 60 Sending Partners are engaged in the programme throughout 5 different continents and the geographical scope of the programme is spreading each year.

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What do you need to apply to the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest?

  • fill out the online application form (
  • upload:
    • high school leaving certificate
    • curriculum vitae (resume)
    • short medical report
    • passport with your personal data
  • letters of recommendation can be uploaded also

How can you apply and what does the entrance exam look like?

Applications are accepted through the UVMB Online Application System ( Admission is granted based on an entrance exam (the students’ educational background in science subjects is not relevant as long as they take a successful entrance exam). Entrance exams are organized online and in several countries.

The official online pre-vet course

Intensive online preparatory course starting 4th May 2020 and lasting for 12 weeks. Through the e-learning system of UVMB you will have access to video presentations, glossaries and reading assignments for all the 20 Chemistry and 20 Biology topics of the entrance exam. In July teachers of the course will support you by holding interactive webinars daily and by reviewing your written assignments. (Is it possible to join the course later that 4th May, but you need to finish all the e-learning tasks before the webinars.)

Entrance exam dates for the September 2020 intake will be available in August 2020, right after the course.

For more information and to apply, please visit: 

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